3 Tips to Save Money on Cable Internet

Cable Internet modem and router

With everyone having smart phones now and seemingly everyone having home computers with internet access, finding the right high speed internet service can be a hassle. If you’re not sure what to get as far as speed or package wise, you can quickly find yourself spending way more money that you ever expected. You may not need that 50Mbps down speeds because all you do is check e-mail and read the news. It’s critical to make sure you’re not wasting money for what you don’t need.

Here are three tips for saving money on your high speed internet services.

1. Bundle together your home services. Many high speed internet providers now offer bundle packages so you can group together your services. If you also have phone and television service, most companies can offer a package deal that will save you money on your monthly bill. Often this will give you the best bang for your buck.

2. Change your cable providers. If you’re not bound by a cancellation fee consider changing who your internet provider is. Often times you can get yourself a good introductory deal for high speed internet that will last for 12 months before you’re back to the rate you were likely paying for previously. Even if you’re in a contract and have a penalty for leaving early, you can still in the long run save money.

3. Threaten to cancel and negotiate your bill. If you can’t get out of a provider contract, sometimes you can threaten to cancel your services and they will send you to customer retention services. Often, you can talk your way into getting whatever promotions are currently going on and will save money on your bill. Be prepared for a hassle though, because these aren’t easy to get.
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