Cox Cable Adds Additional Wireless Hotspots in San Diego Area

Cox Cable customers in San Diego are now able to enjoy even more of the high speed service they enjoy in their home, out and about in the city. Cox recently rolled out 250 new Wi-Fi hot spots in the San Diego area, turning on locations in Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, North Park, Hillcrest, Point Loma, Ocean Beach and National City as well as the Cox Cable stores in the county.

Cox Cable customers who have the Preferred package, Premier package, or the Ultimate Internet service package will have free access to all Cox Cable Wi-Fi hot spots.

“That is the majority of our customers,” Cox spokeswoman Ceanne Guerra said in a press release. “Basically 75 percent of our customers have one of those levels of service.”

Those customers who do not have the Preferred, Premier or Ultimate package will not be able to access the hot spots for free, but can add an additional package to their current service or upgrade to one of the eligible services that has free access. Customers with the Cox Essential Internet service will get free access to the service for a limited amount of time to try it out.

“We have about a one-hour trial,” Guerra said. “They will be able to test it even if they are not Cox customers.”

There are over 300,000 Wi-Fi hot spots across the United States that Cox customers can enjoy free of charge as long as they have one of the corresponding internet service packages that it is included. Cox has also recently rolled out Wi-Fi hot spots in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Connecticut, Virginia and Idaho.

The Cox Wi-Fi hot spots offer high speed access to Cox Cable customers with certain packages free of charge, with speeds up to 15Mbps so they can enjoy high speed access wherever they are.

To take advantage of the Wi-Fi hotspots and other services, visit today!

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